At the fore front of new technology

LED Future Oy develops a new disinfection technology to a variety of environments. Solutions using UV-LED Technology are ecological, energy efficient and precise. The systems are easily designed to customer’s needs and processes.

LED Future IQ-MOB –product family


Led Future Oy, a Finnish company from Varkaus developing ecological and energy-efficient disinfection solutions based on modern UV LED technology, has created a new disinfection product family called the IQ MOBILE.

According to results of research project completed in January, the IQ MOBILE product family is very easy to use, and it efficiently destroys the MRSA bacteria which cause hospital-acquired infections and are resistant to antibiotics. The microbiological efficacy of the devices has been studied by, for instance, the University of Eastern Finland and Biosafe Ltd in Kuopio.

Led Future Oy employes currently six full time employees. Led Future Oy develops also other innovative and flexible UV LED technology based disinfection solutions for example for industrial purposes. IQ MOBILE devices have attracted large interest on the global markets, and sales are starting in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands for example, with negotiations ongoing in other countries as well.


The IQ-MOB product family is a brand new UV-LED technology based mobile disinfection unit integrity which is ecological, energy efficient and safe.


LED Future Oy’s UV-LED technology enables development of UV-light based disinfection systems to a variety of different environments and applications.


Disinfection with UV LED Technology is a new method with great potential for various applications. With UV it is possible to disinfect air, various solids and surfaces and liquids.


LED Technology produced UV –light can be monitored and controlled very precisely in intensity, wave length and turning on and off. LED technology also uses much less energy than the mercury lamps.