Led Future IQ MOB -Product family


The IQ MOBILE product family has been specifically designed to disinfect mobile devices. Their disinfection, as with other electronic devices used in healthcare, has been challenging in the past due to their design and the restrictions set by the manufacturers. Several component manufacturers recommend avoiding the use of strong chemical disinfectants when wiping the surfaces of the devices, and this has decreased the chances of cleaning the devices properly from pathogens. The IQ MOBILE devices are in use, for example, in the Kuopio University Hospital. In addition, the devices are in test use at the University Hospitals of Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku.

According to Veli-Jukka Anttila, a docent of internal medicine and senior physician at the infection center of Helsinki University Hospital, resistant bacteria, such as MRSA, are a major health care issue in both Finland and worldwide. The most important act to prevent the spread of multiresistant microbes is good hand hygiene. Multiresistant bacteria thrive on the surfaces found in a hospital environment, and on electronic devices such as mobile devices, keyboards, electrical healthcare equipment and phones. Cleansing these surfaces from microbes is often difficult and time-consuming. Anttila considers the microbe contamination of the mobile devices of healthcare personnel and patients to be an everyday problem. It is also possible to forget to disinfect one’s hands after touching a mobile device and then moving on to treat a patient.

”The UV LED disinfection system by LED Future could be a solution to the disinfection problem of mobile devices in a hospital environment. When developing the device, it is important to establish good co-operation with the final users as well as manufacturers, and to have sufficient displays on the microbiological efficacy of the system.” , says Anttila.

Led Future Oy is a Finnish company from Varkaus. The company started to develop their IQ MOBILE devices as early as 2008, and the company currently employs six people. The IQ MOBILE devices are the result of an entirely Finnish product development, and apart from a few components, all parts of the devices are made in Finland. The devices are assembled in Varkaus.The company has received funding for the product development of the devices from Tekes, ELY Centres as well as private investors. The devices have received global interest, and the product will soon be sold in different countries, e.g. Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

How does it work?

IQ MOB 8 produces light in the wavelenghts that are commonly known as UVC. UVC penetrates effectively the cell walls of micro-organisms and affects their DNA structure, causing irreversible damage. After the DNA chain is effectively disrupted by UVC light the microbes can’t reproduce, and they die. UVC light leaves no traces on the actual disinfected objects, so it is a completely safe, ecological and an efficient mean of disinfection.

UVC works also on so called super bacteria – in normal circumstances the resistance developed towards antibiotics is not possible with UVC, produced by the UV LEDs of the IQ MOB device!

– no chemicals
– no heat
– no liquids
– only safe and pure UV-light

The Future is here…

IQ MOB 8 technical information


The IQ MOB can disinfect most of your devices and equipment. No harm is done for electronic devices like mobile phones. The disinfection cycle is finished when the light remains green. When the cycle is in process the indicator flashes red/green. If the red light is left illuminated the cycle has been interrupted (also while charging). The disinfection cycle can be restarted by opening and closing the lid and pressing the start button. A safety mechanism will interrupt the disinfection cycle if the lid is opened.


The devices is delivered with a 5V micro USB charger (common with mobile phones as well).

  IQ8/50   IQ8/100   IQ8/200   IQ8/300   IQ8/600
External dimensions
Width (mm)   289   289   289   289   289
Depth (mm)   202   202   202   202   202
Height (mm)   48   151   255   356   667
Internal dimensions
Width (mm)   190,5   190,5   190,5   190,5   190,5
Depth (mm)   129,5   129,5   129,5   129,5   129,5
Height (mm)   36   139   242   345   651

Other specifications

Disinfection cycle: 2min
Operating temperature: 0 – 50° C
Weight: 1,0 – 5,0kg
Battery run time: 200 – 300min
Disinfection mechanism: UV-C light
Technology: UV-led
Indicator LED: red and green
Developed, Manufactured and Tested in Finland

*IQ MOB 8 has been tested at UEF, University of Eastern Finland using E.Coli, Bacillus and Colifagi microbes, spring 2015. Our latest tests with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) were done at BioSafe, Biological Safety Solutions Oy Ltd in Kuopio , spring 2016.