The disinfection solutions created with UVC-LED technology are ecological, energy efficient and long lasting. The systems can be customized to meet the customer’s needs in a variety of operating environments and applications.


The disinfection of sensitive electronic devices has previously been challenging because of the shape of the devices and the limitations imposed by the equipment manufacturers. Several device manufacturers recommend avoiding strong chemical disinfectants when wiping the surface of equipment. The disinfection solutions developed by Led Future can be used to handle electronic devices in health care and elderly care and to handle entire premises, thereby reducing contamination through them.


No chemicals are added to the disinfected object when using UVC disinfection. UVC disinfection also doesn’t affect the structure or quality of the object. UVC destroys the vitality of microbes without damaging the object to be disinfected. LED-technology-based UVC disinfection is highly energy efficient and ecological (not producing hazardous waste). LED technology is precisely adjustable, monitored and controlled. Led Future devices are safe for users when used as directed.


UVC disinfection devices have already been created with fluorescent lamp technology. These low or medium pressure mercury lamps emit a wavelength of 253.7 nm. Mercury lamps have been used f. ex. as disinfection systems in water treatment plants. It’s difficult to adjust and control fluorescent lamps and at the end of its working life the fluorescent lamp turns into hazardous waste. In its devices Led Future uses high-quality UVC-LED components with a wavelength of 258 to 275 nm depending on the intended purpose.

LED Future Oy develops new disinfection technology for different environments. The disinfection solutions created with UVC-LED technology are ecological, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Led Future devices are easy to use and easy to design for customers.


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